To honor and thank Charlie Cammer for his 20 years of service at Vista Verde Ranch.

Charlie joined the Vista Verde Ranch (VVR) team in 1999 following many years in the Elk River Valley ranching, raising his family, and working in the resort business. Charlie’s role at the ranch has been an invaluable one, and he has been a mentor to so many staff over the years. An overarching theme of Charlie’s time at Vista Verde is his care for and investment in the many young staff who find themselves calling VVR home for a period of time in their lives. He is committed to helping them grow, develop into the next generation of leaders, and get their feet under them all while teaching them the value of hard work, service to others, and community. Therefore, as we neared Charlie’s 20th anniversary it was a no-brainer to create a scholarship in honor of him to support Vista Verde staff and former staff as they launch into the world following their growth and development as part of the VVR team. We were honored to have numerous guests match the ranch’s contribution and help the fund grow to get it started, and fundraising will continue as we move forward and plan for future years.

If you would like to send a check, please make checks payable to:
Yampa Valley Community Foundation
– Include Elk River Kipper in the memo line.

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  1. Scholarship Purpose: Vista Verde Ranch’s mission is to grow leaders. The Elk River Kipper Scholarship supports Vista Verde employees in advancing their professional skills as they leave the ranch to pursue their next endeavor.
  2. Scholarship Selection Criteria: 
    • A current or former employee of Vista Verde Ranch. Continued or future employment is not an expectation or requirement of the scholarship.
    • The proposed course of study will help the recipient launch themselves professionally and can be used for trade school, higher education or professional certifications.
    • The education environment must be conducive to a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships.Charlie collage