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YVCF’s three Giving Circles provide additional sources of support for nonprofits beyond regular grant cycles. The WZ Giving Circle and the Women’s Giving Circle assist nonprofits in their work supporting individual clients in need of urgent but not chronic financial assistance. Important guidelines for requesting assistance from these Giving Circles can be found below. IMPACT100 is an annual program that gives donors an opportunity to learn about local nonprofits and provides support for nonprofit operations and programs.

Caseworkers for Families & Individuals

YVCF strongly encourages all agencies to call YVCF to discuss the individual circumstances of the family or individual before submitting a proposal: Greg Hamilton (970) 439-4443. Please submit the request for assistance form linked below, and email to greg@yvcf.org (please do not include client names).

WZ Giving Circle

OPEN FOR REQUESTS – DEADLINE EXTENDED. Applications are due Wednesday, June 26. Funding decisions will be made in mid-July. Read below for details.

​This group of individuals is interested in learning more about the needs in Routt and Moffat Counties and in making an impact on our community. Their charitable giving helps individuals and families whose specific circumstances require immediate financial assistance.

Guidelines for requesting assistance

  • The proposal should include details of the request and a budget and should not include the client’s name or identifying details. Submit proposals by email to greg@yvcf.org.
  • Your nonprofit must be available to present in person at a WZ meeting which take place 2-3 times per year. The summer 2024 meeting will take place in Steamboat Springs the morning of Tuesday, July 9, 2024. Funding will be determined at this meeting, and grants will be disbursed to the presenting agency.
  • Grant requests up to $5,000 are accepted and may include certain incremental operating expenses directly associated with the requested grant’s execution but not to exceed 10% of the requested grant amount. Include these details in the budget.
  • CLICK HERE to download the WZ Giving Circle Request for Funding form

Women’s Giving Circle

Accepting requests on a rolling basis: please read all details below before applying.

The Women’s Giving Circle accepts proposals up to $3,000, on an ongoing basis for their year-round granting. This group of donors wishes to have an immediate impact toward improving the situation of people who live in the Yampa Valley and have plans to remain in the valley. They accept proposals from nonprofit organizations and churches who know of community members who could use a little boost from anonymous “angels” among us.

Guidelines for requesting assistance

  • Proposal must provide immediate help to an individual or family in Routt or Moffat County. Funding is for Yampa Valley community members who have lived in the valley for at least one year and intend to stay in the valley, except in specific, extreme circumstances. Clients must remain anonymous – do not include client names and redact all names and identifying information from proposals.
  • The request should be a one-time, finite expense that addresses an urgent but not chronic need.
  • Funding is provided based on financial need. Please describe the client’s situation that has led them to be in crisis, including general information about their financial circumstances.
  • Proposals will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis, year-round.
  • Proposals must be submitted by a representative of an agency or church that is currently assisting the client (grant funds will be disbursed to the sponsoring agency).
  • All proposals should include a specific dollar amount no more than $3,000.
  • All proposals for housing assistance must complete the supplemental housing application and meet the following criteria:
    • A client can only apply for housing assistance once;
    • Assistance is available up to $3,000;
    • Must present extenuating circumstance indicating need for emergency assistance (not ongoing need)
  • Download application here:




IMPACT100 is an annual program of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation designed to inspire a new generation of philanthropists and provide a platform for nonprofits in the Yampa Valley to connect with potential new donors.

The program consists of three events. At the first “nonprofit fair” event, attendees meet nonprofits and nominate them for continued participation. At the second “speed dating” event, a selection of nonprofits discuss their mission, programs, and how IMPACT100 funding could help their work. Three finalist organizations are invited to present at the third event, and participants vote to determine how the pooled funds will be allocated among the finalists.

If you are a nonprofit interested in participating in IMPACT100, email Traci Hiatt.

Every day we meet with partners, new and longstanding, to pass on our passion to build a better Yampa Valley. If you have a passion, we can help you find the best way to pass it on.
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