Women’s Giving Circle Request for Assistance

The Women’s Giving Circle of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation is seeking proposals on a rolling basis for their year-round granting. This group of donors wishes to have an immediate impact toward improving the situation of women, children or the elderly in the Yampa Valley. They are requesting proposals from organizations, schools, and churches who may know of community members who could use a little boost from anonymous “angels” among us.  If in your work, you are familiar with a family or individual (especially children) who needs some help, we invite you to submit a proposal.

Guidelines for requesting assistance:

  • A proposal must provide immediate help to an individual or family in Routt or Moffat County. The request should be a one-time, finite expense that addresses an urgent but not chronic need.
  • Proposals will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, year-round.
  • Proposals must be submitted by a representative of an agency, school or church this is currently assisting the client (grant funds will be disbursed to the sponsoring agency).
  • All proposals should include a specific dollar amount of no more than $3000.
  • All proposals for housing assistance must complete the supplemental housing application and meet the following criteria:
    • A client can only apply for housing assistance once
    • Assistance is available up to $1,500 and cannot exceed one month’s rent
    • Must present extenuating circumstance indicating need for emergency assistance (not ongoing need)
    • Your nonprofit must offer housing assistance as part of your regular programming.
  • Organizational general support or client medical bill assistance is not of interest to the Giving Circle. The types of proposals that have been funded in the past include: a handicap access ramp for a home, a new furnace, bicycle repairs, and electric meter compliance.
  • Please submit the request for assistance in a to helen@yvcf.org (please do not include client names). YVCF encourages all agencies to call YVCF to discuss the individual circumstances of the family or individual needs before submitting a proposal: Helen Beall 970-879-8632.
  • Download application here.

WZ Giving Circle

The WZ Giving Circle requests Letters of Proposal for their Fall 2019 granting cycle. This group of individuals is interested in learning more about the needs of Routt County in an effort to make an impact on our community. Through their charitable giving, a pool of funding will help individuals and families which have specific circumstances that require immediate financial assistance.
Proposal Guidelines/Information:
  • Projects or programs must meet the above criteria for individuals or a family who has an immediate need.
  • All proposals must range between $1,000 – $5,000.
  • Submit a written Letter of Proposal with a summary of the current need, how the funding would be spent, and the impact that funding would have on the individual or family. Please do not include client names.
  • A letter is not to exceed 2 pages in length and shall be submitted in a. PDF format on agency letterhead. We will not accept proposals directly from individuals. Your agency must have a relationship with the client.
  • Nonprofits must be available to present to the WZ Giving Circle on October 3rd between 8:30 – 11:30 AM.
  • Proposals should be submitted to helen@yvcf.org.
  • Please note, the WZ Giving Circle is a separate effort from the Women’s Giving Circle (which will be accepting applications on a year-round basis).
Letters of Proposal are due on Wednesday, September 25th.