Open a Fund

As your partner in philanthropy, our objective is to help you give strategically and easily. We offer a broad range of funds to meet your charitable giving goals. For all our funds, we provide professional stewardship and oversight to ensure that your intentions are honored during your lifetime and beyond.

We offer fund advisors:

Flexibility and Focus

You advise on how, when and where to spend the money. The Community Foundation staff helps you transform your wishes for the valley into action.


Charitable funds are invested and professionally managed in a large and diversified portfolio.

Financial Stewardship

We help you achieve maximum tax advantages and work with your financial planners and attorneys to incorporate giving into your plans.

Support and Leadership

Our professional staff are your ongoing partners in realizing your charitable interests.

To create the right vehicle for your giving, contact Traci Hiatt at or 970-879-8632.


Funds & Charitable Products

We offer a broad spectrum of charitable giving vehicles — powerful philanthropic tools for individuals, families, or businesses. Below are funds available at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation. Establishing a fund today allows you to pass on your passion tomorrow.

Donor Advised Funds
A donor-advised fund, or DAF, is a flexible tool for charitable giving. You get tax acknowledgment for the full amount of the contribution at the time the donation is made, then make recommendations for grants to charitable organizations out of the fund over time. A DAF allows you to receive the tax benefits of the charitable donation when it is most advantageous to you, while giving you time to be thoughtful about where your donations will have the greatest impact.

Learn more about the benefits of a DAF

Scholarship Funds
Scholarship funds enable donors who care about education to support students pursuing post-secondary education. Donors receive a charitable tax benefit for their contribution and the Community Foundation manages the fund, applications, and distribution of the grants to qualified educational organizations. Scholarships can honor a loved one, award an achievement or program participation, and may be directed to a specific school or field of study.
Nonprofit Endowment Funds

Nonprofit endowment funds can be established by a nonprofit organization or by a donor who wishes to provide long-term support of a nonprofit’s mission. Nonprofit endowments generate an income stream to sustainably support programs and operations. The Community Foundation holds and invests the assets, providing responsible and professional fund management and administrative support, allowing the nonprofit to focus on their mission.

Other Funds - Designated / Granting / Endowed

The Community Foundation works with donors and organizations to meet their charitable giving goals and can suggest a fund designed to fulfill your objectives. A designated fund supports one or more beneficiary organizations in accordance with instructions specified at the time of the gift. A granting fund uses a competitive application process to distribute awards based on pre-determined criteria fulfilling the charitable mission of the fund. Funds can be endowed, creating a long-term income stream, or non-endowed. We invite you to contact YVCF to discuss how we can help you realize your charitable interests.

Every day we meet with partners, new and longstanding, to pass on our passion to build a better Yampa Valley. If you have a passion, we can help you find the best way to pass it on.

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