What will this fund do?

The purpose of the Fund is to provide a permanent endowment to support wildlife habitat improvement projects, including capital projects, planning, research, studies, management, enforcement, education and other wildlife habitat improvement projects, for the public benefit within Routt County.

“We live in a community with a diversity of lands and opportunities. We enjoy and appreciate our connections to the land and we all utilize these resources in some form or fashion.  Conservation is a wise use and multi-use and a recognition as stewards that it is our responsibility to ensure these resources are here for current and future generations to enjoy as well. By increasing demands upon our natural resources to provide everything we so greatly enjoy, we can lead the way by funding local habitat improvement efforts the community believes in and supports.”

– Kris Middledorf, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Area Manager based in Steamboat Springs

The Grant Committee shall be appointed by the Foundation and shall consist of one appointee with expertise in habitat improvement, wildlife management, wildlife habitat management or wildlife biology from each of the following entities: Colorado Parks and Wildlife, United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado State Forest, and two members from the general public chosen by the Board of Trustees of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation and who each serves a three-year term at the pleasure of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.

If you would like additional information about this fund, please email info@yvcf.org.