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Imagine being a mom with a newborn diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. Following the birth of your child, your husband walks out leaving you as the sole caretaker and breadwinner.

Imagine if you were working long hours to support your family of seven living in a small two bedroom trailer. Your wages barely manage to cover the rent. Your family is living without a stove or a refrigerator.

Imagine if your family is living paycheck to paycheck. Suddenly, your young child is diagnosed with cancer. Your family now needs to travel four hours from home for care.

Imagine a home where a beautiful teenage boy with autism becomes increasingly violent toward his mother. She must leave the home for her safety leaving the father as sole caretaker who now is unable to work.

These are just a few examples of crises experienced by families in OUR community.

WZ Giving Stories

WZ Giving Circle Funds Over $100,000

The WZ Giving Circle gathered in October 2022 for its third and final meeting of the year. At the meeting, eight nonprofit organizations presented thirteen proposals for funding consideration. The WZ Giving Circle funded all 13 requests, totaling over $46,000 in...

WZ Giving Circle Grants Over $30K at June Meeting

At the June, 2022 meeting of the WZ Giving Circle, members of the group approved funding for 10 proposals totaling $30,829.39, awarded to seven nonprofit organizations. The WZ Giving Circle was started by Ray (Kip) and Karen Parks, when they realized that there were...

WZ Giving Circle Spring Grant Cycle Awards

The WZ Giving Circle supports individuals and families in Routt and Moffat Counties who are experiencing crisis and are in need of funding. The group accepts proposals for funding from nonprofits on behalf of clients who remain anonymous. Those proposals are then...

We meet 2-3 times per year. Your minimum $2,000 donation is an annual contribution, and is tax deductible.

As Giving Circle membership grows, so does our capacity to help. For more information on how to join, call 970-879-8632 or email: traci@yvcf.org

“While volunteering at LiftUp it was apparent that there were many people in the area that were in need of assistance. The WZ Giving Circle members are committed to helping Steamboat and Routt County families and individuals that are in need.”

– Ray Parks

“My husband and I became members because it is very satisfying to know your charitable contribution can be specifically directed, you have a say in that direction and that it all stays local.”

– Joan Heimbach

Every day we meet with partners, new and longstanding, to pass on our passion to build a better Yampa Valley. If you have a passion, we can help you find the best way to pass it on.

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