Making an impact toward improving the situation of women, children or the elderly in the Yampa Valley.


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The Women’s Giving Circle began in 2003 when a group of local women learned of another community where women would meet in a home for a potluck dinner instead of spending money to dine out. The group would then pool the dollars they would have spent at a restaurant and donated to local children and women in need.  The Steamboat Springs women started to do the same concept locally and the Women’s Giving Circle was born.  Over time, the group lost their community connections and found a valuable partner in YVCF to help identify the families with the greatest need in the community.  YVCF uses their strong community partnerships to bring the Women’s Giving Circle pressing community needs.


The Women’s Giving Circle of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation seeks proposals on a rolling basis for their year-round granting.  Your donation of $250 (or more) is pooled with gifts from all the women in the Giving Circle. Sponsored by Yampa Valley Community Foundation, 100% of your gift is granted out through our nonprofit partner to benefit local families and individuals in need. The group meets in the spring and fall to learn more about our community, meet new friends, and support causes that inspire them.


We request proposals from organizations, schools, and churches who may know of community members who could use a little boost from anonymous “angels” among us.

As a member of the Women’s Giving Circle,  you learn more about current needs in the community and make collective decisions about the most impactful places to grant the pooled funds.

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Do you want to be part of having an immediate impact toward improving the situation of women, children or the elderly in the Yampa Valley? We invite you to join the Women’s Giving Circle today.

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