April 2, 2019

Grant Opportunity: Heart of Steamboat Springs

WHAT’S HAPPENING?  Our Foundation will be granting $6,000 on May 1 to organizations in Routt and Moffat Counties.  WHO IS ELIGIBLE?  Organizations must have a local presence in Northwest Colorado and be registered with the Colorado  Secretary of State as a charitable fundraiser. We do not fund sports or performing arts. We prefer human services concerns. If your organization received a grant from us in October 2018, please do not apply now. We do not consider applications from organizations funded in our last cycle. Donations to private foundations are discouraged, as are granted to individuals.

HOW DO WE APPLY?*  The application cover sheet is found at heartofsteamboat.com/Foundation‐Grant‐Application. Nothing more is required to apply but you may include a few pages describing your request in more detail.  Completed applications must be emailed to foundation@heartofsteamboat.com. Please assemble all your application materials not to exceed five pages in one pdf attachment. ALL application materials must be received by Noon Monday, April 29 for consideration.

WHAT ELSE WILL HELP US APPLY?  We like to distribute funds across Northwest Colorado and we tend to get more applications from within  Steamboat Springs. So if your group serves outside Steamboat Springs and especially Moffat County be sure to highlight it in your application as it might help your priority.  Historically, our Foundation has been awarding grants in the range of $250 to $2500 with typical being around $1200. We encourage organizations to include a realistic dollar range or a breakdown on their applications. When our board meets we often ask each other, “What would happen if we couldn’t fund  100% of a request, would the organization still be able to proceed?” Or we ask ourselves, “This is great cause, could they use more $$?” So having a dollar range on a grant application when it applies helps us.  We like to fund grants benefitting larger numbers of people. We will fund overhead costs. So for example, funding payroll for a preschool staff benefitting multiple families tends to be more appealing as a grant application than funding a scholarship for a single family. Historically, we have been more likely to fund curriculum than capital improvement projects.  Thank you for your wonderful work serving our community! Peace and blessings,  Heart of Steamboat Foundation