Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation made incredible progress in 2017 by working in partnership with local nonprofits, individuals, and businesses.

These partnerships have lifted the Community Foundation to a major milestone acquiring more than 15 million dollars in assets.  This means we have increased capacity to work for the betterment of the Yampa Valley.  We can grant additional dollars to impactful programs.  We can offer additional trainings to our nonprofits organizations and incentives to help them build a solid future.  We can provide additional scholarships for local students looking to create a brighter future. Our impact is broadening and our community will benefit.

By leveraging the talents and resources of all sectors – public, private and philanthropic – we can make an impact at a scale and level of effectiveness that none of us could achieve on our own. By uniting the passion and commitment of donors, community members, and nonprofits, we can create sustainable solutions that will continue to change lives for years to come.

We invite you to learn more about our work, our partners and our stewardship of charitable funds and legacies.

Ron Krall – Board Chair

Mark Andersen – Executive Director

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2016 Annual Report:

The 2016 Annual report recognizes our community’s generous donors and highlights our nonprofit partnerships. It also shares the stories of donors who believe that, working through the Yampa Valley Community Foundation, they have the power to make a real difference. The impact in 2016 was enormous. Made possible by 1,221 unique donor gifts, we granted in excess of $1.5 million that benefited 186 nonprofit organizations and the thousands of individuals and causes they serve. In addition, $162,000 in scholarship awards helped 90 students further their education.

However, we strive to do much more than distribute grant dollars. Through supporting and educating our donors we help them focus on their individual interests as well as maximizing their charitable giving. By growing our community endowments, we secure a permanently vital and healthy future for the Yampa Valley. By empowering our nonprofits, we strengthen their work and accomplishments.

Looking forward, we intend to broaden the Foundation’s impact. Philanthropy is better as a collaborative effort; working together we can cultivate and add value to philanthropic passions and create positive, lasting change for our citizens and communities.

2016 Annual Report – Download PDF

2015 Annual Report:

The individuals and organizations that make up the Community Foundation are passionate about how they live, learn, play and work. The PASSION of each community member may be diverse, but together they share a common goal to PASS IT ON and make a difference in the Yampa Valley.  This year we celebrate our collective community passion for philanthropy. In order to maximize our grant dollars, the annual report is updated annually with only the pages that require an update.

2015 Annual Report – Download PDF

2014 Annual Report:

The Yampa Valley shares their passion to pass it on in 2014.

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2013 Annual Report:

Yampa Valley community Foundation recently celebrated a millstone, and our success is entirely a result your philanthropic power.  We thank the community for your support and belief in us.

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2012 Annual Report:

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