As a Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund supporter, it is critical to spread the word.  The best way to encourage others to give is to share your story of giving.  The tools on this page are to assist you in your outreach and marketing efforts.  Together, we will permanently maintain Yampa Valley trails and be able to continue to build new trails to enjoy.

We are always working to develop additional tools, so check back regularly. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Do your part and Share.  Together, we can protect and maintain our trails!

1. Use the TMEF email to encourage friends, family, and other trail users to get involved by supporting trails.

2. Like us on Facebook.  Invite others to like us.

3. Follow us on Instagram @Trail_Endowment_Fund. Use the hashtag #donatetotrails Your images will appear on the page. 

4. Become an ambassador. Be a part of our trails. Ambassador Program