August of 2016, a group of animal lovers gathered at a City Council meeting to voice their concerns about the lack of off-leash dog-friendly areas in Steamboat. This group eventually joined forces to form Steamboat Digs Dogs.

Our Mission

To improve the usability of Steamboat’s off-leash dog parks: Rita Valentine and Spring Creek.

Currently, our focus is on Rita Valentine.

Improvements To Be Made

  • Increase parking
  • Provide a water fountain for dogs & their humans
  • Trees for shade
  • A pavilion for shade
  • Benches
  • A fenced area for small dogs
  • A fenced area for dogs that need outdoor time and may be recovering from an injury
  • Composting station for dog waste
  • Signage
  • Opening more trails for multi-use purpose.
  • Making sure that waste is picked up and disposed of properly.
  • More waste containers for this purpose.

We plan to raise human awareness of the importance of picking up after your dog and disposing of their waste in proper containers. Composting dog waste keeps our water resources clean, our trails clean, and best of all this compost, when placed on flowerbeds, brings beauty to Steamboat.

Once we begin to make improvements, funds will be used to maintain the park.