Sleeping Giant Society

The Sleeping Giant Society honors individuals who have committed to supporting our community beyond their lifetimes. The Sleeping Giant Society is our way of acknowledging your commitment to the future—today.

May we welcome you as a member of the Sleeping Giant Society?

Becoming a member is simple. Include the Yampa Valley Community Foundation as a beneficiary of a gift from your estate and notify us of your plan. You can call, visit, email or complete this form to learn more about joining the Sleeping Giant Society.

Members of the Sleeping Giant Society

Please contact YVCF if you have left a legacy at YVCF and would like to be a Sleeping Giant Society member.
  • Julie Green
  • Jim and Susan Larson
  • Betsy Rapp
  • Edward J. and Barbara Bouquet-Robison
  • Margaret Bass Berglund
  • Paula Cooper Black
  • Linda Jensen Hamlet
  • Liana and Bobby Jones
  • Ron and Chenza Lazof
  • Bill and Betty Neish
  • John Vickery
  • Russ and Carol Atha
  • Doug and Heidi Shurtleff
  • Bob and Audrey Enever
  • Pam and Steve Williams
  • Gretchen Sehler
  • Brian and Nancy Jackson
  • Paul and Arianthe Stettner
  • Robert J. Welborn
  • Gloria Gossard
  • Donald C. Lufkin
  • Sam and Melissa Warner
  • Arthur Anderson
  • Richard and Lori Grant
  • Fred and Patricia Auch
  • William and Judith Emerson
  • Douglas Sprenkle
  • Bosbell Family
  • Bud and Jane Romberg
  • David and Sonia Franzel
  • Bob and Jeanne Schneider
  • Eric Rentschler