Leaving Your Legacy

Your passions can last forever.

Legacy gifts come in all different sizes and forms, and no amount is too small. The Yampa Valley Community Foundation is here to help you give back to our community—now and forever. Making a legacy gift reflects your ongoing commitment to the community and the causes you value most. Your choice to make a lasting gift will ensure your passions and interests will continue to be shared and addressed after you are gone.

We support a healthy and vital community today and tomorrow.

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation was created with the future in mind.  Since our establishment in 1996, we have partnered with hundreds of local individuals, families and organizations to help fulfill philanthropic goals. We steward their charitable gifts and make grants from their funds to fulfill the donor’s unique, personal wishes. We adhere to the highest standards to honor legacies and to keep our promise to you and our community today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

We invite you to the Sleeping Giant Society.

Although established today, many planned gifts take effect after the donor’s lifetime. From very simple arrangements to more complex strategies, planned gifts can offer important estate, financial and personal advantages— allowing you to give in the most effective and beneficial manner.

The Sleeping Giant Society honors individuals who are committed to supporting our community beyond their lifetimes. Often, these meaningful gifts go unrecognized because they come at the end of a donor’s life. The Sleeping Giant Society is our way of acknowledging your commitment to the future—today. Becoming a member is simple. Include the Yampa Valley Community Foundation as a beneficiary of a gift from your estate and notify us of your plan. We invite you to call or visit us anytime to discuss your charitable giving goals.

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The community of Steamboat has provided us with so much throughout the time that we have called this town home.  As a result, giving back to the community is important to us, and ensuring that a portion of our legacy is left to the Community Foundation is an important part of our estate planning.  Leaving funds to the Community Foundation ensures that our legacy can go directly where it is needed at the time.  While many people our age may not be thinking of estate planning, it is easy to accomplish, and creating a plan now ensures that we are not only able to provide for our own family, but also for the family we have cultivated here in Steamboat.

– Liana and Bobby Jones
Sleeping Giant Society members


If you have realized you can change people’s lives through your charitable giving, you are a philanthropist and can leave your legacy in the Yampa Valley. Making a legacy gift reflects your ongoing commitment to the community and the causes you value most. The Yampa Valley Community Foundation is here to help philanthropists like you give back to our community—now and forever.

Legacy gifts come in all different sizes and forms and no amount is too small.

Together, with your financial professional, begin collecting information to determine the best approach for leaving your legacy.  Making bequests or other testamentary gifts is actually quite simple.  It can be as easy as including a bequest in your will or changing the name of the beneficiary on your life insurance policy or an IRA.  It is important,  however, that you always consult your financial professional when making decisions to leave a charitable gift through your will or from your estate.

Many donors worry that by leaving a legacy, they will not have enough assets to see them through the rest of their lives or through the “hard times,” such as a health and/or financial crises.  They may also be concerned that family members or children will not benefit from receiving the full sum of their estate.  Professional financial advisors can show you how a legacy gift can generate tax savings and/or an income stream for yourself, a spouse or children.

Gifts may come in the form of money, property, life insurance, an investment or percentage of an estate.  Tax benefits often accompany a gift from a will or estate.

An estate is simply a word used to describe any property, money or personal belongings that you may have at the time of your death.  Most people leave an estate at the time your death, even though they may not have a great deal of wealth. Anyone can arrange to leave a charitable gift from their estate.

It is critical to seek the advice of your attorney and other advisers including accountants, insurance agents, investments planners, professional trust officers and financial planners.

  • Talk to a variety of specialists, including your attorney, financial advisors and the professionals at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.  Learn as much as you can about various charitable gift options and the kinds of gifts that make the most sense for both you and the Yampa Valley.
  • Engage an attorney and/or advisor who will best represent you and your interests.  Always make sure that there is a backup attorney and/or advisor in case your attorney/advisor is unavailable at a critical time.
  • Seek an attorney and/or profession financial advisor who shares your commitment to charitable giving.
  • For legal work, enlist an attorney who practices estate planning on a full-time or nearly full-time basis.
  • Make sure the attorney and/or advisor has experience within your specific finance range.
  • As you narrow your choice, seek references and follow your instincts.  Find someone you are comfortable with and trust.

NOTE – (None of this information should be construed as legal advice.  In making a charitable gift, it is always important to seek the advice of your attorney and profession financial advisors)