historic routt county

Historic Routt County (HRC) established an endowment fund this past July 2019. This endowment fund will help HRC strengthen over time and pave the way for future preservation goals.

Historic Routt County has an exciting vision for preservation and placemaking:

  • To create and fund a stewardship program to address the ongoing maintenance issues of historic buildings on public lands.
  • To expand and build partnerships to help preserve our special places, both public and private.
  • To continue to add to the number of properties listed on the Steamboat Springs and Routt County historic registers.
  • To continue to collaborate with public & nonprofit organizations to build advocates and create more support for the preservation of our community character in light of on-going intense development pressures.

Learn more about Historic Routt County and the creation of the endowment fund.

The mission of HRC is “to preserve and to promote the historic character of Routt County communities and rural areas through the built environment. “