Live Like Sancy – The Sancy Shaw Memorial Fund

*The Live Like Sancy Shaw Memorial Fund is a Donor Advised Fund held by the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.

To Support Causes That Embody What It Means to “Live Like Sancy”

Sancy Jo Shaw brought her passion for life “beyond four walls” to everyone she met, wrapped in a package of love that made each one feel special.  The Sancy Shaw Memorial Fund has been established to continue that impact, reaching people for positive change.

As a wife and mother, Sancy lived life to the fullest, with her husband Brett and four children, Wyatt, Mason, Jaxon and beautiful little girl, Charlee. Sancy’s Christian faith was a cornerstone of her life and she was a devoted follower of Jesus. She wore many hats: avid runner, fly fisher, skier, snowboarder, soccer player, and lover of all things outdoors. Sancy really found her calling as a Science and English Language Arts teacher at North Routt Community Charter School.

Sancy had a profound impact on those she came in contact with.  Whether a lifelong friend or one-time acquaintance, your life was forever changed by her infectious spirit.  Tragically on Christmas Eve, 2018, Sancy and Charlee were hit by a drunk driver on Interstate 70 west of Denver. Charlee was airlifted to Children’s Hospital, Colorado, but Sancy did not survive.

If your heart leads you to become part of our mission to continue Sancy’s positive influence in our communities, you may contribute online or via check.

To donate to Live Like Sancy, The Sancy Shaw Memorial Fund by check:

Yampa Valley Community Foundation
PO Box 881869
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

* Please make the check out to YVCF and note in the memo line that the check is for the Live Like Sancy Shaw Memorial Fund


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