The Yampa Valley Community Foundation has restructured its staff to better execute their charitable mission and serve the greater needs of the Yampa Valley. The Community Foundation believes this transition will make the organization a greater resource for our community.

The proposed change came out of a series of strategic planning meetings the Community Foundation Board of Trustees undertook this past summer and fall. The Board directed staff to increase focus and expand their expertise in three areas (1) Donor Engagement (2) Nonprofit Services and (3) Financial Management. The restructuring will enable YVCF to provide more effective services for donors and local nonprofit organizations.

After the restructuring, the following is the list of Hahns Peak and YVCF
staff and positions at the Community Foundation:

  • Mark Andersen: Executive Director
  • Helen Beall: Community Impact Manager
  • Karen O’Connor: Finance/HR Director
  • Emily Beyer: Donor Relations Manager
  • Holly Wilson: Office Manager
  • Kathleen Fitzsimmons: Communications Coordinator

In order to accomplish the restructure and hire additional staff, the Community Foundation used its $1.6 million trustee operating endowment. This endowment was established to generate funds to enable the Foundation to provide vital community services to support the annual operating expenses of YVCF. This is the first time the endowment has been used since the fund was established in 1996.

“Now is the time to secure the future of the Yampa Valley from community health issues to the arts, recreation, education and the environment. We aim to serve our community with excellent service for our nonprofits and local donors. We are taking our commitment seriously,” said Mark Andersen, Executive Director of the Community Foundation. “To do that, we must have the best people in the right jobs, and internal systems that maximize productivity, efficiency and results.”

Emily Beyer will solely focus on philanthropic and donor services to assist our community with leadership and expertise while Helen Beall will move from Marketing Manager to being tasked with working with local nonprofits to focus on the needs of our community and leverage funding to make impactful community grants.

The Community Foundation is excited to welcome Kathleen Fitzsimmons to the team as the Communications Coordinator. Kathleen moved to Steamboat in the fall of 1985 and her experiences have ranged from the trades, to marketing for several significant companies in our valley. Her passion for digital marketing is only matched by her passion for the Yampa Valley.

“We make these changes after extensive, thoughtful consultation and deliberation, and with great confidence,” said Ron Krall, Chair, Board of Trustees. “I strongly believe these actions will help us better serve the community, our partners and our donors.”