STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO, FEBRUARY 25, 2021 – The Yampa Valley Community Foundation (YVCF) is pleased to announce a partnership with Network for Good to offer Jumpstart, a 12-month fundraising capacity building program, to nonprofits in the Yampa Valley. Participating organizations will receive personal coaching, professional services, software, and an evidence-based framework in this immersive, year-long Program. Typically, after one year of committed fundraising, implementing skills learned in the Program in real-time, participants see an average increase by more than 20% more fundraising from the prior year.  Providing tools and systems to raise more money in less time ultimately increases organizational capacity to provide more significant resources for our community.

“As a trusted resource for local philanthropy and grantmaking, YVCF has a responsibility to help build and support a healthy nonprofit ecosystem,” explained Helen Beall, Community Impact Manager at YVCF. “Financial sustainability is an important factor in ensuring that nonprofits can provide meaningful, impactful services to the community, year after year.”

In 2019, Beall connected with Network for Good and was introduced to the company’s Jumpstart Fundraising Capacity Building Program. More than 50 local nonprofits were invited to learn about JumpStart and offered the opportunity to complete an assessment to identify each organization’s most common challenges, core needs and opportunities for growth.

Of the 30 of organizations who attended the informational session, 18 completed the assessment, and four were then selected to participate in the program. The four of organizations participating are:

  • Opera Steamboat
  • Friends of the Yampa
  • Grand Futures
  • Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition

Opera Steamboat got an early start in the program starting in September 2020.  Andres Cladera, General and Artistic Director at Opera Steamboat stated, “Thanks to our wonderful donors and this partnership, Steamboat Opera was able to increase fundraising results by 34% last year.  This was especially important during the pandemic as our performances moved to virtual and we learned to operate in new ways.  We look forward to continuing to increase our ability to communicate with the community we serve and are grateful to the caring and thoughtful donors who make beautiful, uplifting music available and accessible.”

With the Network for Good partnership, a generous sponsorship from Alpine Bank, and a donation from Brian and Nancy Jackson, the Community Foundation will inject more than $25,000 worth of targeted, technical fundraising assistance to local grantees.  All supporting funders are dedicated to providing high-quality organizational effectiveness services to local nonprofits.  With the success of this program in 2021, the Community Foundation plans to open this program to a new group of nonprofits in 2022.

Each time Network for Good co-funds a launching of the Jumpstart Program in partnership with a funder, it is anticipated grantees will increase total revenue from individual donors, directly multiplying the impact of each dollar invested. Network for Good is accomplishing this goal by working with grantees over a yearlong technical assistance process through a series of monthly fundraising objectives called “milestones.” These ‘milestones’ guide each grantee’s use of fundraising software while being supported by a Personal Fundraising Coach (PFC) matched to work with the grantee based upon the unique needs expressed in their assessment. The software contains leading fundraising, donor management and content development tools, that together with the coaching, nonprofit leaders and their teams are able to integrate into their core nonprofit operations – for fundraising that is consistent and engages year-round.

Fundraising is long known to be the toughest element in successfully leading a nonprofit, especially for the long term. Fundraising is made even more difficult by what’s typically a very fragmented approach, with too-expensive technology that does not include all of the necessary tools in one simple, easy-to-use platform.

Jack Murphy, Network for Good’s Director of Community Impact, says, “We understand that nonprofit leaders’ greatest persistent worry is fundraising and that they typically haven’t had access to fundraising capacity building that is iterative and includes the essential elements needed: coaching and technology. Having partners like Helen and the Yampa Valley Community Foundation, who understand that funding fundraising capacity building is a key part of the equation for nonprofit success and long-term sustainability, brings a tremendous value and impact to Yampa Valley’s nonprofit ecosystem and the families and individuals supported by their important missions.”

JumpStart’s uses a data-driven, two-pronged iterative approach where an expert PFC helps each nonprofit create a custom quarterly- and annual fundraising strategy and execute it, month by month. Along with a simple-to-use technology platform, ongoing fundraising activities help build a multi-faceted fundraising foundation, consistently grow it and begin synergizing and automating what is typically a very disjointed, overwhelming approach. The impact is clear and measurable- typically for every $1 a funder invests into a grantee’s participation, the nonprofit gains $3-$5 new unrestricted funds.

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