Ever wonder how particular trails received their names. Now you have an opportunity to make history and leave your mark on Routt County by naming the new 2A funded trail on Buffalo Pass.

Initially dubbed, Buffalo Billy’s, this soon-to-be-named trail with great views, runs approximately 5 miles long. Originating near the Dry Lake campground, it allows users to bypass the Buffalo Pass Road and was completed in the fall of 2016.

Nominations were vetted by the Forest Service, and 4 names carried forward for voting.   You can cast your vote either online by making a donation to the Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund by selecting your chosen name below.  To vote without making a donation to support maintenance of Yampa Valley trails, you may vote in person at the US Forest Service Office at 925 Weiss Dr.

Only one vote per person will be considered.  

Voting is open until June 16th.

The trail is an extension of the Spring Creek Trail upwards towards Buffalo pass. The trail does not have its own independent trailhead, and instead is an offshoot off the top of Spring Creek, thus the name should tie in with Spring Creek.

Vote Now for Spring Creek Highlands

($10 minimum online donation)

“This trail should be named Painter’s Pathway because when I looked at a picture, it showed me the trees in the fall were different colors.  It looked as if each tree was painted with a different color.  In the winter, the trees and ground are painted white.  In the summer, they are painted green. In the spring, the forest gets splattered with different colors. On the ground, there are flowers which a painter creates and paints.  The rivers, lakes, and ponds are th leftover blue and green paint.”

Vote Now for Painters Pathway

($10 minimum online donation)

There is a Flash of Gold in the fall when the aspens change colors.  This trail takes you through several flashes of gold during the fall.

Vote Now to Flash of Gold

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SunDog is a synonym of a rainbow,  While the trail builders were working to make this trail a reality, they saw several SunDogs.  It is a colored ring around the sun.  When you are enjoying the trail, hopefully, you will be lucky enough to see a SunDog too.

Vote Now for SunDog

($10 minimum online donation)