Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund Donor of the Month: David High

How do you enjoy trails?

The trail systems are what I consider to be my “church”. I have found that the soft dirt under my feet is my spiritual and psychological escape.  I enjoy riding and running at every opportunity I get as I have found that I need it as much as I enjoy it.

When did you first become a donor of the TMEF and what inspired you to give?

As a member of the  Accommodations Tax Trails Steering committee (2A committee), we were presented with the idea as a way to maintain the future trails that we were approving.  I first thought the initiative was going to be an impossible challenge.  Nearly every event and origination that is outdoors has rallied behind the effort.

Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had on our local or area trails?

There have been occasions, especially in my younger days and prior to mobile phones, where I underestimated how long a ride might take.  I would find myself on buffalo pass where the sun had set and had no lights or way to communicate with my wife.  I seemed to routinely cause unnecessary stress about my wellbeing.

What is your message to people who have not given to the TMEF yet?

A donation to the Trails Endowment Fund is the easiest way to support to the future of our trails.  If you are not volunteering, you should consider donating.  The Endowment Fund is serving as a nationwide example of how a trails system can and should be sustained.