This month, the TMEF caught up with Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund donor– Erin Early. She supports the trails by making a monthly contribution to support the TMEF.  She makes it part of her monthly budget to support the trails she loves!  Thank you, Erin.


Learn more about why she loves and supports the trails – 

1.) How do you enjoy trails?

I love to hike with my dog and bike the trails as much as I can! Trails bring all of us a sense of peace and connection that I am so thankful we have right in our backyard.

2.) When did you first become a donor of the TMEF and what inspired you to give?

Helen Beall was my inspiration behind being a donor. When someone you know and respect becomes passionate about something, it peaks your curiosity. This is exactly what happened to me. I wanted to be a part of something bigger for my community and quickly became involved with the TMEF because I was passionate about being a part of creating a sustainable way to maintain our current trails and celebrate when new trails are built in our community.

3.) Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had on our local or area trails?

Every experience on the trails is a memorable experience. One of my most recent memories was when I was fat biking with some friends early season on Emerald. I was in awe by seeing the difference in seasons in one ride. As we went higher, we still were able to experience a beautiful leaf carpet partnered with fresh white snow. Seeing the contrast in colors took my breath away.

4.) What is your vision for the future of trails in the Yampa Valley?

I am a believer that all organizations that are involved with our trails and their future have the best of intentions for all trail users. I see all parties cooperating and working together to make the trails used by as many different types of trail users as possible. I am excited to see trails connect valleys together as a means to increase the awareness of the amazing terrain we have here!

5.)  What is your message to people who have not given to the TMEF yet?

Just do it! I am the biggest culprit of not giving to organizations that I should. I often make the excuse that I can’t afford it. I really can, especially as I give monthly, it’s just something that I budget for now and there are no “if’s, and’s or but’s about it!” 🙂