The TMEF is recognizing Paul Matheny
as the donor of the month for October.

Paul has been a supporter of the TMEF from the very beginning.  Paul avidly supports the purpose of growing this fund in order to provide maintenance of our trails now and into the future.

Paul Matheny


  1. How do you enjoy the trails?
    I enjoy our local trails mostly on my mountain bike, but also by hiking.
  2. When did you first become a donor of the TMEF and what inspired you to give?
    I became a donor right after the fund was established. I was inspired to give after working with our awesome local trail-builders and other volunteers to help build No Mo Blues and Morning Gloria trails. After seeing the huge amount of hard work that went into the construction, I was inspired to support maintenance so all of our local trails will stay awesome.
  3. Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had on our local or area trails?
    A few years ago, after pedaling up to Thunderhead, I  was riding down Valley View when I found myself between a cow moose and her calf. I dismounted and slowly backed up about 50 yards. They continued eating on opposite sides of the trail for about 20 minutes. I thought I was going to have to ride back up the hill and take a different route down when they finally started working their way up the slope. When they were both a safe distance above the trail I was able to proceed and finish the ride.
  4. What is your vision for the future of trails in the Yampa Valley?
    My vision is that our multi-use trail network will continue to grow responsibly and that all the users will have as much passion for maintaining the trails as they do for using them.
  5. What is your message to people who have not given to the TMEF yet?
    Our trails are a big part of our lives and our local businesses. Even our most sustainably built trails require more maintenance than weekend volunteers can provide. Please help grow the Fund to the level needed for it to permanently endowed the maintenance all of our trails will need in the future.

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