This month, the TMEF caught up with monthly donor – Mindy Mulliken.  She supports the trails with a monthly donation – so she knows her support is taken care of while she is out enjoying our trails!

When asked to be the October Donor of the Month, Mindy replied, “Oh my gosh…this is such an honor!”

We know you deserve it, Mindy! 


  1. How do you enjoy trails?
    I like to call the trail system in Steamboat my life link. I enjoy the trails on a daily basis commuting to school on my bike, coaching the youth of our community, racing town challenges & stinger, and most of all connecting with friends on fun rides or runs.
  2. When did you first become a donor of the TMEF and what inspired you to give?
    I probably first donated to TMEF at a fundraiser event at mountain tap. Then more I learned about it through Helen Beall & Impact 100. I wanted to give & I was inspired to donate on a monthly basis in honor of my dad who passed away but loved being on trails.
  3. Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had on our local or area trails?
    Sooo many memorable moments, hard to choose just one. I would say my first time riding Grouse this spring/summer & feeling the excitement of the new life of trails in this town. I will never forget the gratefulness I felt for the vibrancy, diversity, & childlike giddiness I felt in a new trail with new puzzles to figure out!
  4. What is your vision for the future of trails in the Yampa Valley?
    My vision is for our trail system to not only be maintained but to continue to grow with diversity & meeting the needs of all age levels, abilities & modes of exploring!
  5. What is your message to people who have not given to the TMEF yet?
    My message for those who have not given yet would be; can you really put a price on happiness, health, adventure, memories & connections to nature & this community. Take a fraction of what you might pay for all of that & put it towards the trails that provide us with all of that on a daily basis. You will get your money’s worth.