The WZ Giving Circle recently met on Thursday, October 5th for their fall gathering. Collectively, the group donated a total of $21,962 to grant out to eight organizations on behalf of a number of individuals and families in need. The receiving organizations were the Oak Creek Police Department, Routt County Council on Aging, Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association,  Integrated Community, First Impressions, Lift-Up Routt County, Horizons Specialized Services, and the Yampa Valley Autism Program.

The following are a few examples of grant requests that were fully or partially funded.

Routt County Council on Aging requested and received $2,000 to fund frozen meal delivery (50 meals per month) to three homebound veterans and weekly transportation service for 3-4 Hayden Seniors to Steamboat Springs for medical appointments.

Integrated Community requested and received $4,500 to replace a roof for a trailer home occupied by a single mother and five children.

Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association will apply $1,600 to provide access for a child of their program to train with STARS.

The WZ Giving Circle meets two times per year in the spring and in the fall to learn about the current needs of the community and make collective decisions about the most impactful place to grant their pooled funds. The WZ Giving Circle is committed to helping Routt County family and individuals that are in need.   This program is sponsored by the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.

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