Vista Verde Ranch Announces the Elk River Kipper Scholarship

Vista Verde Ranch (VVR), a luxury ranch in Clark, Colorado has created a new scholarship fund at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation to recognize their current and former employees and help them move forward in life and in their career. The Elk River Kipper Scholarship was created to recognize Charlie Cammer, the Director of Ranch Operations at VVR on his 20th work anniversary.

Stephanie Wilson, VVR Director of Hospitality of VVR shares, “Charlie is such an advocate for our mission and what we stand for at Vista Verde. His perspective on life and work has been deeply influential to the well-being of Vista Verde and the many people who have worked and played at the ranch over the years. This scholarship is our way of recognizing this and passing on the goodwill.”

Charlie joined the Vista Verde Ranch team in 1999 following many years in the Elk River Valley ranching, raising his family, and working in the Charlie Cammerresort business. Charlie has played an invaluable role at the ranch mentoring many VVR staff to grow and develop into the next generation of leaders. Along the way, he has taught them the value of hard work, service to others, and community. One of the driving core values of Vista Verde Ranch to develop leaders.

This positive influence, support, and mentorship he brings to the growth and development of the VVR team has been significant and not without notice. On Friday, July 19th, VVR honored Charlie’s 20th anniversary of service at the ranch and announced the Elk River Kipper Scholarship. As a young boy, Charlie’s mother gave him the nickname Kipper. The Scholarship will support employees in advancing their professional skills as they move on from the ranch in pursuit of other endeavors.

Applicants must be current or former employees of Vista Verde Ranch. Continued or future employment is not an expectation or requirement of the scholarship. To learn more about the scholarship or to make a donation visit the Kipper Scholarship page. VVR is grateful to have numerous guests match the ranch’s contribution to help get it started and looks forward to growing this fund to support employees into the future.