The Yampa Valley Community Foundation (YVCF) announced Syntrinsic Investement Counsel as its new investment manager after a comprehensive review of the organization’s portfolio management and advisory services. Syntrinsic is a $1.7B investment firm specializing in foundations, nonprofit organizations and mission-driven families.

This change is the result of a thorough and diligent review of investment proposals carried out by the Yampa Valley Community Foundation’s Investment Committee.

“After our extensive evaluation process including talking with a number of other foundations across the country, it was clear that Syntrinsic was the best choice for helping us achieve our investment goals,” said Rod Hanna, the chair of the Investment Committee.  “Both our Investment Committee and Board of Directors believe Syntrinsic offers a great mix of investment philosophy, cost efficiency and service that will enable us to help our fundholders best reach their philanthropic goals.”


Syntrinsic, whose name is a combination of synergy and intrinsic, markets itself as a “different kind of investment firm.” Its focus on charities and civic-minded wealthy private clients is one thing that sets it apart.  Its team of experts, with its unique approach to mitigating risk through impact investing, comes highly recommended. During the search process, they stood out as a team who has been able to enhance their long term performance while creating a positive impact on society.

In addition to its high ethical standards, its in-house data driven process focuses on thoughtful analysis, reasonable assumptions, intensive due diligence and nuanced portfolio development.  Their rigorous open universe manager evaluation impressed the committee because of their comprehensive investment strategy and bottom-line absolute and risk adjusted performance.

The changes in investment management apply to YVCF’s Long Term Pool.

The investment consultant review process began in May 2019, when a sub-committee of the Investment Committee put out a request for proposals. Six firms responded to the request and, of these, the group identified two candidates to invite for on-site presentations.

On October 15, the six voting members of the sub-committee unanimously approved the recommendation of Syntrinsic. On October 18, the full Investment Committee unanimously approved the recommendation. Lastly, on August 24, the YVCF Board of Directors considered the recommendation and formally approved Syntrinsic as the organization’s new investment consultant.