WANTED: Substitutes

Hamric alerted the board to a shortage of substitute teachers. It’s been a growing concern, he said, exacerbated by the pandemic.  

“It’s a very limited pool,” which is especially problematic when teachers are quarantined, he said.

A substitute only needs to have a high school degree, Hamric noted, as well as go through a background check and an application process.

“We’d be very appreciative if anyone who is interested contact us,” he said.

Board member Kim Brack suggested reaching out to college students who are learning online from home and looking for work. Board President Kelly Latterman said she’d like to explore the possibility of permitting board members to volunteer to substitute teach.  

Anyone interested in finding out more about substitute teaching can email Deb Ginesta at dginesta@ssk12.org or call 970-871-3193.