2017: The story in the numbers

If the data from 2017 could talk, it would tell not only the story of the substantial impact made in 2017 but of the solid foundation, we are building for tomorrow.

  • 1.7 million dollars in local charitable giving facilitated through YVCF in 2017. This number represents the largest amount in the 22-year history of the Community Foundation. Funding supported local nonprofits through our community grants cycle, various giving circles, local scholarships and more. As we look to 2018, we start to eye the 2-million dollar granting milestone. These grants reflect YVCF’s desire to be innovative, inclusive and responsive to the needs in the Yampa Valley.
  • 153 number of funds are managed at the Community Foundation. These include YVCF operating and community granting funds, donor advised funds, scholarship funds, designated funds, nonprofit endowment funds and more. These funds support the unique and thoughtful philanthropic desires of the fundholders. YVCF works hand-in-hand with individual and family donors to advance shared prosperity and equity in the Yampa Valley.
  • 1.7 million dollars in our organization’s operating endowment. Several years of YVCF Board of Trustee member donations and strong investment performance have pushed YVCF to a 1.7 million dollar operating endowment. This endowment was established to pay for day-to-day operations at the Community Foundation. YVCF is proud to have an endowment at this level. We are here for the future of the community and have the financial planning to keep our doors open in perpetuity.
  • 15.8 million: YVCF is delighted to announce it has surpassed a major milestone in becoming a permanent resource to the Yampa Valley. YVCF currently has over $15.8 million in assets. A bigger pool of money means more money available for local nonprofits and greater stability for the future.

New Fund created ensures public art

Art may be in the eye of the beholder, but one perspective we can all agree upon is that public art is a valuable community investment. Art needs to be preserved so residents and visitors may enjoy it for years to come and ensure the enduring value of these creative assets.

The Steamboat Springs Public Art Maintenance Endowment Fund is one of the newest funds at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation. This fund will serve as a way to provide a permanent endowment to maintain and restore public art located in and around the City of Steamboat Springs. The fund is imperative to the maintenance of the vast array of public art in our area, which spans more than 80 items across a palette of artistic formats.

“The community expressed a strong interest in publicly displaying works of art that can be appreciated,” explained Winnie DelliQuadri, City of Steamboat Springs. “As new art is added, this fund enables that these valuable pieces, along with what is currently on display, can be taken care of without relying on an allocation from the city budget.”

The Foundation will notify the city the amount of funds available for annual distribution in the following calendar year by August 31 of each year and will be reflected in the city’s annual budget planning cycle. Ten thousand dollars was contributed by the City to start the fund.

Donations can be made directly to the Fund and individuals wishing to establish a recurring contribution to public art may also do so on a monthly basis.

Visit yvcf.org/art to donate online or to find out additional information on the fund.

YVCF welcomes Two new board members

Craig Macnab
Craig brings a vast knowledge of working in real-estate, business, and planning to the organization. Today, Craig enjoys his times as a rancher in the South Valley.

Deb Conroy
Deb brings an in-depth knowledge of estate, business, and tax planning law in Colorado. She splits her time between the Front Range and Steamboat traveling by her motorcycle whenever possible.

Matching Challenge earns $4,027 for South Routt Education

YVCF granted $4,027 to the South Routt Education Endowment Fund in 2017. This funding was made possible through the YVCF Nonprofit Endowment Matching Challenge.

Nonprofits with endowments held at YVCF are eligible to earn .25 cents for every dollar donated to support their fund. Each organization can earn up to $10,000 through the challenge. “We believe endowments are beneficial for an organization to have financial stability,” explained Mark Andersen.

“We know the added incentive has attracted new donors to the South Routt Education Endowment Fund,” explained Russ Garrity, a committee member of the fund. “Informal feedback from several philanthropists has told us the incentive challenge caught their attention.”

The South Routt Education Endowment Fund received 59 gifts totaling $18,626 in 2017. South Routt Education Endowment is eligible to earn an additional $5,973 from the challenge.

Read the entire story: yvcf.org/sorocoedfund/