If you’ve ever admired the majestic bronze elk in West Lincoln Park or pondered the red granite gates that rise above the Yampa River Core Trail during a morning run, you’re experiencing some of the city of Steamboat Springs’ public art collection. In total, there are about 75 pieces of public art in the city’s inventory, and until recently, there was no plan in place or funding readily available to maintain that art.

Last week, it was announced the city had created the Steamboat Springs Public Art Maintenance Endowment Fund with the Yampa Valley Community Foundation to help cover the cost of caring for the public art the city owns. The new fund comes on the heels of the city’s decision in August 2017 to lift its moratorium on accepting public art, and creation of the endowment will help make sure that any new art the city accepts into its collection will be accompanied by funds to maintain it.

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