Photo credit: Rod Hanna - Sidney Peak Ranch

At the Yampa Valley Community Foundation, we provide personalized service to donors by helping them connect their personal motivations with the meaningful impact they can make with their philanthropy. We are passionate about linking people with giving opportunities that align with their unique passions and interests. These opportunities are not only significant for local nonprofits and for the vitality of our valley, but they also create deeper connections between the donor and the Yampa Valley community.

Through the years, YVCF has partnered with donors to steward many types of donations and has helped donors “think outside the box” to utilize a variety of vehicles with which to achieve their charitable giving goals.

YVCF is uniquely positioned to steward non-traditional charitable gifts such as real estate. In 2020, Gatorade co-creator, LifeLink Foundation founder and Steamboat second-homeowner Dr. Dana Shires reached out to his trusted representatives, Cam Boyd and Kathy Connell, to seek their advice in leaving a legacy in the Yampa Valley.  With their guidance, Dr. Shires donated to YVCF a parcel of land in Routt County with provisions for how the donation would be administered.  The property in Sidney Peak Ranch was subsequently sold, with proceeds benefiting the nonprofit organizations Steamboat Springs Youth Hockey Association and Steamboat Digs Dogs as well as providing operating support for the Community Foundation.

“This generous gift allows us to open an endowment fund and dramatically increases our ability to provide recreational opportunities and have a positive impact on youth in our community, for years to come,” said Kerry Shea, president of the Youth Hockey Association.

Tim Wohlgenant, YVCF Executive Director who helped shepherd the gift from donation to sale to distribution of proceeds, said, “Executing this donation was a collaborative effort, starting with a generous donor and including several community partners. The Foundation was pleased to be able to accept this unique gift of land and to utilize some tools in our chest to generate such long-lasting benefit to the community.”

While gifts of land are not the typical way donations are made, accepting and processing the Shires land donation is one example of the portfolio of giving options that YVCF can facilitate for donors. Through a variety of charitable fund types – donor advised funds, scholarship funds, agency endowments – through our giving circles and our Passport Club charitable ski pass program, through legacy giving, and through stewarding unique gifts, the Yampa Valley Community Foundation is here to help donors give meaningfully.