The Yampa Valley Community Foundation is seeking volunteers to serve on the Yampa Valley Gives (YVG) Committee.  The YVG Committee is responsible for the planning, promotion, and execution of the annual Colorado Give Day in the Yampa Valley and promotion of Yampa Valley Gives year-round.

In 2018, the program raised over $900,000 for local nonprofit organizations.  The group meets the first Thursday of every month from 4:30 – 5:30 PM and volunteers serve a two-year term.  Email for more information.


What is Yampa Valley Gives?

As a ColoradoGives Regional Champion, Yampa Valley Gives is bringing the excitement and generosity of Colorado Gives Day to the Yampa Valley to benefit your favorite local nonprofit organizations and make it easier to GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE. serves as the platform for donors to learn about participating local nonprofits and make online donations to those nonprofits on Colorado Gives Day and throughout the year. Yampa Valley Gives strives to widen the reach of the ColoradoGives program and Colorado Gives Day in an effort to make a difference for nonprofits in our community.

Yampa Valley Gives is partnering with Community First Foundation, FirstBank, and is a program of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation to grow the Colorado Gives Day movement in Routt and Moffat Counties.


Yampa Valley Gives Committee Charter


The Yampa Valley Gives Committee is responsible for the planning, promotion, and execution of the annual Colorado Give Day in the Yampa Valley and promotion of Yampa Valley Gives year round.


The Yampa Valley Gives Committee shall consist of seven to fifteen to members with at least one member from Moffat County, and at least two representatives from participating Yampa Valley Gives nonprofits. A YVCF Board of Trustee member may also serve on this committee, as needed.

Committee Chair/Co-Chair:

  • Provide leadership for the committee
  • Assists to facilitate meetings, communication and discussion
  • Serve as spokesperson for the committee
  • Create the agenda in partnership with staff liaison

Committee Member:

  • Serves in an advisory role to guide the committee
  • Actively participates in meetings, contributing to the discussion, brainstorming and sharing

Committee Terms and Meeting Schedule

Committee members will serve a two-year term, with membership staggered to ensure continuity of work. The committee will meet at monthly and as needed. A quorum of members is required conduct business. Quorum is defined as more than half of total committee members in attendance.


  • Miss no more than four meetings. Notify Committee Chair if not able to attend. Missing more than four meetings annually will result in automatic termination of committee service.
  • Each committee member must serve on one subcommittee (Marketing, Gives Guide, Nonprofit Outreach, Sponsorship, Day of Events, and Financial)
  • Monitor and evaluate the committee objectives and work plan.
  • Review the committee charter, committee work plan and committee membership annually.

Delegation of Authority

Power to direct any and all planning, promotion and execution of Yampa Valley Gives and Colorado Gives Day in the Yampa Valley direction as long it is within the Yampa Valley Gives budget.  Any recommendation over budget requires greater YVCF Board Approval.

Staff Liaison

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation office Manager or equivalent role shall serve as the staff liaison.

  • Executes and implements the communications work plan on behalf of the committee.
  • Provides research as needed for the committee.
  • Communicates meeting reminders and agendas.
  • Creates the quarterly Board report.
  • Facilitate meetings, communication and discussion.