Awarded to Routt and Moffat County students attending either a two-year, four-year, trade or vocational school. Eligible for renewal for up to 4 years.

Up to $1,500


Routt and Moffat County High School Seniors

If attending 4-year college:

  • Field of study must focus on one of the following: engineering, the sciences, medical (including technicians), business
  • Demonstrates academic achievement
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Participation and/or leadership in outside activities
  • Preference to students attending public, in-state college

If attending a 2-year college or trade school:

  • Field of study: Any, except if the student plans to transfer credits (in which case see fields of study above for 4-year college)
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Participation and/or leadership in outside activities
  • Preference will be given to in-state public schools. However, students may attend a vocational/trade school at any location.

The scholarship is eligible for renewal for up to four years (with application)

Application Procedure:

Please read these instructions before proceeding to the online application:

  • Create an individual login – Be sure to remember your user name and password so you can leave the website and return to your application later. Once you click “submit,” you will not be able to return to your application to edit.
  • General Information – You must begin the application by filling out the “general information” section. Once that section is complete, proceed to the other application sections. If you plan to apply for multiple scholarships you will be able to import responses from your first completed application to avoid having to fill out similar information multiple times.
  • Essays – Each scholarship may have specific essay questions so don’t wait until the last minute to research our scholarships and write your essays.  We recommend that you save your essays in a Word doc and then use the cut and paste function to place them into the online form. This will enable you to proof-read, do a word count and spell check your essays prior to submission.
  • Submit – Once you have completed all sections on your dashboard you will be asked to provide an electronic signature and do a final review.  Once you click “submit” you will be sent an email verifying your submission.

Many applications will require the following attachments:

  • A recent transcript
  • A résumé including all employment history, extracurricular and school activities, community service, leadership roles, awards, etc.
  • Two letters of recommendation from non-family members.

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