This month, the TMEF caught up with another Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund annual donor – Reesa Pond.  Reesa supports the trails by fundraising through social media, so she knows the trails will be in great shape throughout her lifetime!

  1. How do you enjoy trails?
    I love mountain biking and hiking around emerald, butcherknife and the Rotary trail is my favorite!
  2. When did you first become a donor of the TMEF and what inspired you to give?
    I started raising money for TMEF during our school scavenger hunt and wanted to raise as much as I could and get other people inspired.
  3. Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had on our local or area trails?
    My memorable experience is biking with my dad. It is so fun because he teaches me new things every time.
  4. What is your vision for the future of trails in the Yampa Valley?
    My vision for the trails is that they are not taking too much beauty out of the trails.
  5. What is your message to people who have not given to the TMEF yet?
    If you love hiking biking running you should help because it is what keeps our trails around for you to enjoy them forever!