Every two weeks Powder Day Donuts selects one local nonprofit organizations to support as the “Nonprofit of the Week”. Powder Day Donuts donates a portion of sales for the two weeks to that nonprofit

Nonprofits will be featured on a bulletin board next to the register and will receive proceeds from the nonprofit special.
The Nonprofit Special is any 2 donuts and any size drip coffee for $5. $1 of that $5 will go to the nonprofit for every Nonprofit Special sold that two week period.
How it works:
  • Nonprofits will come in and decorate the bulletin board with materials on the Monday morning of the week that it will be featured (they open at 6:30 am), and will be expected to take materials down either on Sunday by 1:00, or the two weeks after Monday by 6:30. You can also request to recycle the materials. The materials will stay up that Monday through Sunday. There will be a locked donation box by the bulletin board for donations for that weeks’ nonprofit as well.

Sign up for the Nonprofit of the Week