Planned Giving Tip of the Month

Planned Giving Tip of the Month

You Can’t Take it With You. But Some Try….in Strange Ways.

You’ve heard it a million times—you can’t take it with you! Maybe not, but some people leave behind some strange things when they pass away, and sometimes they provide unexpected twists in the plotline of who gets what.

Here are some of the funnier and weirder stories we have come across online regarding people’s wills and bequests:

  • When Jack Benny died in 1974, he arranged to have one red rose sent to his wife every day, ever after until she died, which happened in 1983.
  • Heinrich “Henry” Heine, the 19th c. German poet stipulated in his will that in order to receive his estate, his wife would have to remarry. His reason? “… there will be at least one man to regret my death”
  • Back in January 2007, Portuguese nobleman Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral da Camara left his assets to 70 people he’d randomly chosen out of a Lisbon phone book while he was making his will.
  • One henpecked fellow whose wife refused to let him smoke left his estate to her on one condition—she had to smoke five cigars a day.
  • In 1891, Robert Louis Stevenson discovered that the daughter of the U.S. Commissioner to Somoa (where RLS was living) disliked having a Christmas Day birthday. In his will, Stevenson left her his birthday, November 13th because he wouldn’t need it anymore.

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