At YVCF, we frequently ask donors, “what are you most passionate about?”
and “what legacy would you like to leave in the world?”

Many people can list the causes that they are passionate about. Others need time to reflect. We recognize that it’s difficult to start with a blank sheet of paper and write passing on your legacydown a vision for your legacy from scratch.

For many, images can help to stimulate this process. Why? Because images tap into the right side of your brain and reveal how you aspire to be in the world. Images are a universal language.

Download the free Picture your Legacy App from 21/64(currently only available to Mac users) or email YVCF ( for a deck of physical cards. As you sort through the images, select three images that represent your vision for your legacy. Then you’ll have the chance to put words to these images.

Do the exercise yourself; then share your results with others. Allow the exercise to generate creative discussion among family members of any age and across generational divides. Before you know it, you’ll be communicating more clearly what you want to accomplish, the legacy you’re living and what you want to leave behind.

Want to continue this conversation? The Yampa Valley Community Foundation has many tools to help you and your family or business begin or continue the conversation about philanthropy.