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The Sleeping Giant Society Planning your estate involves understanding your family’s legacy and how they want to be remembered. Developing your charitable giving within your
At YVCF, we frequently ask donors, “what are you most passionate about?” and “what legacy would you like to leave in the world?” Many people
leaving your legacy
Legacy Gifts A legacy gift to your favorite charitable cause can come in many forms. It is important to be clear in your instructions so
Giving Tip
What inspires you to give? How do you want to make a difference in the world? Answering questions like these is the first step toward
YVCF monthly Giving Tip
Double your donation: Ask your employer about corporate matching gifts   Many corporations have matching gift programs that match your personal donation to charitable organizations.
Estate planners and tax advisers often recommend retirement assets as the most tax-effective asset to distribute to charity. These assets are not only vulnerable to
remainder trust
BREAKING DOWN: What is a Charitable Remainder Trust A central idea of a charitable remainder trust is to reduce taxes. This is done by first
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Remember to include Retirement Benefits and your IRA in your philanthropy Many donors have some form of retirement plan, be it a 401(k,) 403(b), 457
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Planned Giving Tip of the Month You Can’t Take it With You. But Some Strange Ways. You’ve heard it a million times—you can’t take
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The "Queen of Soul" did not have a will - do you? When Aretha Franklin passed away on August 16th, she left behind a musical
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Are your giving vehicles aligned with what is important to you financially? A Yampa Valley Community Foundation donor-advised fund account can enhance your overall charitable
Local business owners, individuals, and groups are turning to donor-advised funds to meet their charitable and financial needs. Offering both flexibility and tax efficiency, donor-advised
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Choosing a Charity for Your Legacy There are so many great causes to choose from in the Yampa Valley and beyond - how do you
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How to prepare a meaningful wealth transfer plan Become a Part of the Community Ultimately, wealth transfer is about more than dollars; it’s about your
Real Estate - Give While Enjoying Its Use Planned Giving Tip of the Month: June As you are considering making charitable gifts as part of
You're Never Too Young Planning ahead is not just for the elderly. Neither are planned gifts. Right now you may be focused on accumulating assets
Thinking of Selling a Rental Property? Did you know…that appreciated rental property from which you’ve deducted depreciation expense makes a doubly great gift to charity?