On a recent sunny afternoon, seven Passport Club members and families raced across the Steamboat Ski Area to be the first to figure out clues that led them to a certificate worth $50 for their favorite nonprofit.

The Parks/Nyby team had a strong start finding the first three of four clues.

Clue 1:
Have a seat, enjoy the view.  Four under your butt is the clue.


Clue 2: 
Even babies enjoy the powder, sleeping in their secret nest. The snake trail of smiles leads you to the next clue the best.


Clue 3:
This lift is for lovers and where the next clue does await.  Two by two they go up, for your nonprofit don’t be late!


Clue 4:
The last detail to lead you is not a riddle or a rhyme.  Rather a photo to guide you the way, hopefully, you will get there in time.


The Williams/Rhoades team didn’t give up and they found Clue 4.  They celebrated with:


Congratulations to both teams.  $150 dollars will be granted to the WZ Giving Circle and $50 will be donated to the South Routt Education Fund.  The $50 to the South Routt Education is eligible for a 25 cent match per every dollar, therefore the donation will be $62.50.

We look forward to doing the Great Passport Club Clue Hunt again next year.  We hope you will join in the fun!