On a recent cloudy morning, eight Passport Club members and families raced across the Steamboat Ski Area to be the first to figure out clues that led them to a certificate worth $100 for their favorite nonprofit with a chance to win up to $500 for their favorite cause!

John Moore put together an unstoppable team including Anders Andersen, Steve Riley, Loris Werner, and Charlie Noble. They outpaced defending champion DJ Edwards and her team of Jonathan Erb, Chantal Kane, and Holly Beeler to each of the five clues, skiing away with $500 for their favorite cause.  The winning team will donate the entire $500 to Routt County Council On Aging (RCCOA) and in addition, John boosted the donation with an additional $250 from his business 305 Spin for a total grant of $750 to support RCCOA.

Clue 1:
You might get blinded by the light.
Snow, Ice, and bumps so tight.
The clue must be found.
Then give your legs a rest once you are down.


John’s Team at the first clue: WHITE OUT

Clue 2: 
This time you must move fast.
Don’t be last.
For you to figure out this rhyme – you have four chances to pick the right time.

The time was HIGH NOON!

Clue 3:
Grits, Gravy, Coffee, Cakes – A good breakfast that would make.
But really want I want to know – is how you like your eggs?

Over Easy – of course!

Clue 4:
If you want to solve this hint before the other team.
Put these over your jeans and line up the seam.
From cows to horses, or legs will be saved.
A real cowboy look you have achieved.
Clue Found: Chaps Run

Clue 5:
In the spring, antlers begin to grow.
They put on a mighty show.
So soft. So fuzzy. Find the clue if you are lucky.

The last clue was found at Velvet Run



Congrats to both teams!

We look forward to doing the Great Passport Club Clue Hunt again next year.  We hope you will join in the fun!