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The generous donors who establish funds at Yampa Valley Community Foundation (YVCF) appreciate your acknowledgment of grants to your organization. The following guidelines have been developed to assist in your communication efforts.

Acknowledging Your Grant

  • Please use the following language whenever you refer to your grant: Your organization was funded (or funded in part) by a grant from [the name of the Fund] at Yampa Valley Community Foundation.   The acknowledgment letter you receive will specify the exact name of the fund.
  • Grant acknowledgments should include confirmation that your organization is using the grant money for the specific purpose the grant was given.

Acknowledging Donor-Advisors

  • If your grant is from a Donor-Advised Fund at YVCF, we encourage you to thank the donor to express your appreciation for the grant. Please send the acknowledgment to YVCF and we will ensure the acknowledgment is forwarded to the donor.

Publicizing your Grant

We, at YVCF, publicize our grants through local media and as stories in our newsletters, website, and/or annual report. We encourage you to tell your organization’s story about receiving a Community Foundation grant in your communications efforts. We would appreciate receiving copies of your media highlights, photographs, and especially video links that demonstrate how your grant-funded project benefits our community. Together, we can reach the broadest audience to tell the Stories from the Valley.

Email stories to Helen@yvcf.org.

YVCF Description

When describing YVCF, please use the following:

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation is the primary source for philanthropic resources and education for both donors and nonprofit organizations in Northwest Colorado. The mission of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation is to provide leadership in raising funds, in partnership with community members, to support innovative programs that benefit the community.

YVCF Logos

We encourage you to actively use our logo in your marketing efforts. You may include a link to YVCF’s website from your organization’s website or refer to yvcf.org in printed or other marketing materials.

Contact Information

Helen Beall
Community Impact Manager