Apply for a Grant

The Community Grant Cycle takes place annually, with applications due in mid-July and awards announced in late September.

The 2018 Community Grant Cycle has concluded and all applicants have been notified.  If you have questions regarding your grant, please contact

Community Grant Cycle Overview

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation, in partnership with the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation, Donor Advised Fund Holders and other Granting Endowments, supports programs and services benefiting the Yampa Valley through an annual Community Grants Cycle. Grants may be awarded for innovative programs demonstrating community benefits in five focus areas:

Arts & Culture * Education * Health & Human Services * Environment * Recreation

YVCF accepts proposals from organizations engaged in nonprofit programs in Routt and Moffat Counties that benefit the Yampa Valley. Only grant requests for charitable purposes that have a public benefit will be considered. Programs and services that receive funding from the Yampa Valley Community Foundation shall not include any political or religious intentions. Grants for General Operating support must be approved by YVCF staff prior to grant application submission.

Requests should be emailed to .

The Yampa Valley’s Nonprofit Grant Guide: A look at the current needs of the Yampa Valley

If you are a nonprofit sitting out this year or not planning on applying for a grant,  we invite you to still be part of our Nonprofit Grant Guide.

Please complete the following steps to get involved.  Deadline to submit is July 13th.

Please summarize your grant request by answering the questions below and providing an image. This summary will be presented to all YVCF Donor Advised fund holders regardless of whether your grant application receives funding from the Grants Committee.

  • Elevator speech: who you are, what you do and the population you serve. To be written in a compelling, conversational third-person narrative (not your mission statement). The last sentence should summarize the nature of your grant request. 60 words.
  • What specifically will the funding be used for? Please provide details of your grant request budget. 30 words (bulleted). Examples:
    • STEM materials, including books and supplies for science experiments @$3,456
    • Pre-school scholarships for three low-income children @$1,250 each
    • Program staff time @$4,500
    • Gas for youth van to transport to overnight program @ $879


  • Why is funding in 2018 critical to your organization? 20 words. Examples:
    • We received bottles as a corporate overstock donation five years ago, but that supply has run out.
    • Routt County’s population is projected to grow 40% (by 10,000) people by 2030
    • Charter Schools receive 70 cents for each dollar that Public Schools receive in taxpayer funding.

Please attach a high-quality .jpeg image that is representative of your organization’s work. This image will be included in the electronic materials that are shared with donors. Please ensure that you own any rights to the image that you are uploading. Make sure that the file is one of the following: .jpeg, .jpg, .jpc, .jfif, .gif, .png.

We will not accept word documents or power point documents

Please email this information to

A sample of past summaries can be seen in the 2018 Grant Guide:

Important dates

The Community Grant Cycle takes place annually, with exact dates to be announced each spring.

Mid May: Grant Cycle opens

Mid July: Applications due

Late September: Grant awards are announced

If you are not applying because you have to sit out a year, YVCF invites you to submit a summary of your greatest need by July 13, 2018. Please email for details on the format. This summary will be shared with all of our donor advised fund holders

2018 Grant Making Guidelines

  • Grant requests should be limited to $5,000 or less.
  • Grants for General Operating support must be approved by YVCF staff prior to grant application submission.
  • YVCF will consider larger grant requests up to $15,000 that demonstrate significant impact within the Yampa Valley.  To be considered for larger grants, organizations must have direct conversation with YVCF staff.
  • Organizations that receive three consecutive years of YVCF or Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp funding will be asked to take a year off from applying through the Community Grants Cycle.
  • Evaluations for previously awarded grants must be received before new grant proposals will be considered.

Granting Criteria

Successful grant proposals should:

  • Demonstrate impact in the Yampa Valley
  • Define the process used to measure impact and evaluate expected results
  • Effectively demonstrate collaboration within the community
  • Exhibit best organizational and financial practices
  • Demonstrate the need for YVCF funding within the parameters of the revenue capabilities of the organization

Grant Restrictions

Grants will not be made for:

  • Professional development or to individuals
  • Team or Travel Expenses
  • Retroactive grants or projects already completed
  • Debt reduction or Endowments