Warren Luce and Valerie Davia understands what it means to leave a lasting impact for their community. Luce, who is retired, has been a Steamboat Tennis Association (STA) board member, and for the past two years, has served as executive director. He is an avid tennis player and gets on the court, along with his wife, a couple of times a week.


So when Luce and his wife recently updated their wills, they named the Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Maintenance Fund.


“Our wills were 20 years old, so we were in the process of updating them,” Luce said. “One of the things we felt strongly about was the endowment fund for the tennis and pickleball centers. The Tennis Center at Steamboat is a fantastic resource, and we enjoy it very much, so we wanted to leave some money behind when we are gone, so the next generation can enjoy it as well.”


Luce and Davia’s philanthropic vision goes beyond the confines of a tennis court.  The couple plans to give some money to his alma mater with a gift to the electrical engineering department at California Polytechnic State University. They will also leave some money to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Rails to Trails Conservancy.


“We picked four things that were really important to us both, and the Tennis Center was one of them,” Davia said.


Luce encourages other to think about their legacy and explained, “If you don’t set it into the instructions, the executor of your will not know what you wanted to have happen with your estate.”


Has your legacy been on your mind?

Learn more how you can pass on your passion by visiting:  yvcf.org/donors/legacy