Awarded to a graduating Senior from Steamboat Springs High School who embodies what it was to “Live like Sancy.”

Sancy enjoys the mountain sunlightAmount: TBD

Deadline: April 7, 2019 at 12:00 midnight


Graduating Senior at Steamboat Springs High School
Academic excellence
Student athlete
Outdoor enthusiast
Attending college or a trade school
Not currently receiving a full-ride scholarship

What it means to “Live Like Sancy”:

Learn more about Sancy Shaw here and on the #LiveLikeSancy Facebook page.

In the peaceful little towns of Steamboat Springs and Clark Colorado, lived a dynamic woman named Sancy Jo Shaw. As a wife and mother, Sancy lived life to the fullest, with her husband Brett and four children, Wyatt, Mason, Jaxon and beautiful little girl, Charlee. Sancy wore many hats, as an avid runner, fly fisher, skier, snowboarder, soccer player, and lover of all things outdoors. She was a devoted follower of Jesus, and really found her calling as a Science and English Language Arts teacher at North Routt Community Charter School. Sancy had a profound impact on those she came in contact with, whether you knew her as a childhood friend, or only knew her for a day, your life was forever changed. Tragically on Christmas Eve 2018, Sancy and Charlee were hit by a drunk driver on Interstate 70 outside of Denver. Charlee was airlifted to Children’s Hospital Colorado, and Sancy didn’t make it. The Live Like Sancy – the Sancy Shaw Scholarship has been established to continue the positive impact Sancy had on those she came in contact with.


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