Integrated Community Empowers Local Residents

Community Grant Cycle Nonprofit Update

Where do community members with Limited English Proficiency go for assistance with accessing resources in the Yampa Valley?  They head to Integrated Community (CIIC), a local nonprofit which connects clients to local, state and national resources.  CIIC provides accurate and reliable referral information and thorough follow-up to ensure each client has the tools they need to become more self-sufficient.

Through the Yampa Valley Community Foundation’s Community Grant Cycle, $5,000 was awarded to support this important community program.

Since the inception of the CIIC program in 2009, the number of intakes and clients served has increased every year.  In 2019, CIIC has served over 1,700 clients.  As the program matures, so do efficiencies within the organization, with more clients but in less time per client, yet still yielding the same results.

Nelly Navarro, executive director of CIIC, explained “We have seen a dramatic rise in fear, misinformation, toxic stress, suicide risk, mistrust of law enforcement, and a corresponding need to increase our capacity for providing immigration services. While we have seen numbers dropping from other organizations that work with immigrants around the country, ours are rising. This shows that our community sees our organization as a safe place where they can come and get the help and information they need. We are so proud of that!”

The program has three main focus areas:

  • Provide non-English Speaking clients relief from immediate and short-term hardships
  • Be a source of accurate and reliable information to Limited English-speaking clients
  • Promote self-sufficiency among Limited English-speaking clients.

Because of this program, Navarro stated, “Many positives have also resulted from this program. For example, we are experiencing a large increase in the number of permanent residents who are applying for citizenship.”

YVCF is proud to support this local nonprofit organization.  If you have additional questions about Integrated Community, please visit their website at

This client became a permanent resident in July of this year. CIIC worked on getting her immigration paperwork submitted and processed. It took 2 years to get all her documentation in order.


Integrated Community’s mission is to proactively promote and support successful integration of immigrant and local community members in Northwest Colorado through education, intercultural exchange, and collaboration to build a more united community where its members can communicate, participate and contribute.