The Yampa Valley Community Foundation promised it was going to be a grand evening. With over 140 people in attendance, the biggest turnout in the 11-year history of the event, energy buzzed from wall to pond with over 60 NEW members eager to make their IMPACT in the Yampa Valley.
With such an unprecedented turnout, YVCF will ask for RSVP’s to help with planning the November 17th IMPACT event. This way we can ensure all will be able enjoy Big Air Catering’s incredible food!  We apologize to anyone who was unable to experience the “on the pond” themed dinner when the food ran out.
It is clear that you are eager to make an IMPACT in the Yampa Valley.  Collectively, your group of Impactor’s already boasts 88 members who will have the power to allocate granting dollars in April.
Now what?  The IMPACT100 committee will meet next week to determine which organizations out of the 42 nominated they will interview for one of the four sought-after IMPACT100 presentation spots.
At the upcoming party on November 17th, two of the four selected nonprofits will present.  They will answer your questions.  After all, the choice is up to you.  You decide your IMPACT.
The other two nonprofits will present on February 16th and the final voting party will be April 13th, 2017.
It is never too late to make an IMPACT!  You are encouraged to bring a friend to the November 17th party. Let’s show the valley the power of collective giving!  Together, we are making an IMPACT.


Check IN Table

Mindy, an IMPACT100 Committee Member, checks in an IMPACT100 member.

Steve Image

Steve Carlson, of Big Air Catering, presents the evenings “on the pond” menu to a hungry crowd.

Nonprofit Tally

The final count – 42 organizations!

View Photo

The view from the backyard of the Angler’s Cabin. Thank you Moving Mountains for providing this modern and beautiful home.

Voting Bucket

Slips of paper of potential IMPACT100 presenters.