Historic Routt County opens an Endowment Fund

“We save places that tell the story of our county and its people.”

During the 1990s Routt County was experiencing tremendous amounts of growth. This growth increased pressure to demolish or redevelop many historic buildings and rapidly changed the historic routt countycharacter of Routt County’s towns and surrounding landscapes. At that time there was no local organization in place to help property owners preserve their historic buildings and ranches before they were destroyed or changed beyond recognition. In 1992 Historic Routt County (HRC)—which began as an informal historic preservation committee under the sponsorship of the Tread of Pioneers Museum—took shape. By 1999, the group had created enough momentum and support to become an independent 501-c-3 nonprofit organization and adopted the name Historic Routt County. This year, 2019, HRC is proud to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. The mission of HRC is “to preserve and to promote the historic character of Routt County communities and rural areas through the built environment.”

Today HRC is launching a new endowment fund with Yampa Valley Community Foundation (YVCF). This fund will help HRC strengthen the organization over time and pave the way for future preservation goals.

Historic Routt County has an exciting vision for preservation and place-making:HRC

  • To create and fund a stewardship program to address the ongoing maintenance issues of historic buildings on public lands.
  • To expand and build partnerships to help preserve our special places, both public and private.
  • To continue to add to the number of properties listed on the Steamboat Springs and Routt County historic registers.
  • To continue to collaborate with public & nonprofit organizations to build advocates and create more support for the preservation of our community character in light of ongoing intense development pressures.

HRC already has a long list of accomplishments. The organization has documented more than 100 working historic ranches in the county. It has helped more than 100 individual owners list their historic properties on the Routt, Steamboat Springs, State, and/or National, historic registers or be recognized as a Centennial Farm. Their grant application support to both public and private partners has already saved familiar Routt County landmarks such as the Mesa Schoolhouse, the Mad Creek Barn, the Routt County National Bank Building (Wild Horse Gallery), the Yock Cabin, Hahns Peak Fire Tower, and many more. Recently, HRC served as the fiscal agent and nonprofit sponsor for Crossan’s Market in Yampa and the Arnold Barn in Steamboat Springs.

“I am thrilled to see that this small but mighty organization has played such a major role in saving and documenting many of Routt County’s unique and beloved landmarks over the past twenty years. The new endowment at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation will enable Historic Routt County to continue its efforts to preserve our special places and cultural landscapes and to flourish in the decades ahead.”   

                                                Arianthé C. Stettner, cofounder of Historic Routt County

HRC is not just an advocate but also a source of information. HRC researches the fascinating stories behind many historic properties, contributes articles to local publications about Routt County’s historic buildings and landscapes, and periodically sponsors events and tours to historic places. Historic Routt County seeks to bring the past, the present and the future together under one roof to tell the story of who we were, who we are, and who we can be. To find out more about Historic Routt County please visit: historicrouttcounty.org or if you would like to make a contribution to the new HRC endowment fund please visit: yvcf.org/hrcendowment