Grants Overview

The Community Foundation’s grant programs reflects our desire to be innovative, inclusive and responsive to the needs of the area.

The Community Grant Cycle – The annual grant cycle is an opportunity for YVCF to educate itself regarding the current state of needs in the Yampa Valley.  Grant proposals are researched and analyzed by the Grants Committee, which is composed of local community volunteers and YVCF Board of Trustees members. Proposals are also shared with individuals who have created a Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation. Grants are awarded to organizations and programs that best demonstrate an impact on community needs.

Grants Available Outside of the Community Grants Cycle

Donor Recommended Grants

These grants are initiated by donors who have a Donor Advised Fund. Timing and recipients vary as to whom and when the grants are dispersed. These grants are at the donors’s discretion. These grants are as vast in size and purpose as our rural northwest environment.

Giving Circles

A Giving Circle is a group of passionate people who come together, pooling tax-deductible charitable donations and make collective decisions about where to grant their money within the community. For information on current giving circle funding opportunities, email or visit:

Designated Funds

Donors establish funds that make gifts that stretch beyond their lifetimes and may last in perpetuity.  These gifts can target the donor’s favorite charities, assist in a  specific field of interest (for example arts) or be used in the Community Foundation annual Community Grant Cycle to help meet the current needs of the valley.