BookTrails’ New Overnight Site Underway

BookTrails, a local non-profit with the mission of providing reading and writing
enrichment programs for youth, has made great progress on the construction of their new
overnight site in North Routt. BookTrails’ program, Reading on Ranches Camp, was funding by
the Yampa Valley Community Foundation last summer to begin plans to build a new
educational site on two acres located on the Fetcher Ranch property. This site will host middle
school students for week-long periods during the summer to attend intensive literacy programs
aimed at improving reading and writing skills and access to nature. Students spend the week
reading common books together and exploring different environmentally-related themes, for
example, Ultimate Survival Camp. In this camp, piloted in August of 2016, students read My
Side of the Mountain while learning advanced outdoor survival skills. Scientific research shows
that stimulating multiple senses while learning reading skills causes the information to be
cemented into the long-term centers of the brain.
Lots of kids reaching on ranches - cool photo

During this past summer, BookTrails worked with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps and the
Colorado State Forest Service to clear the site of downed trees and volunteers helped clear brush
and old ranch equipment. The Fetcher/Lotz family helped to construct new fencing, gates, and
roads to access the new site. The site has rich history as it lies on a century-old homestead,
originally settled by the Burnett Family. BookTrails partnered with Fair and Square
Construction to construct two raised-platform tents that can host eight students each. Over the
next 3-5 years, BookTrails aims to build four more tents to host students and staff, a kitchen/
dining cabin, and outdoor classrooms. The goal of the site is to enable Reading on Ranches
Camp to serve more children, from remote areas of the county, so that students can stay all
week instead of having to be picked-up and dropped-off every morning for day programs. Daily
pick-up and drop-off is a immense barrier for families who live long distances from Steamboat

To learn more about BookTrails or donate to thier cause, visit or call thier
office at 855-426-6587.

Kids Reading Books
Reaching on Ranching Program- Funding by YVCf