GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE – this is our mantra at Yampa Valley Gives.  We are a regional champion of the statewide Colorado Gives program, which holds the annual Colorado Gives Day annually on the first Tuesday in December, benefitting hundreds of nonprofits throughout our state.  Yampa Valley Gives was founded in 2014 by a group of people that was inspired by what Colorado Gives Day does each year, but asked “how do we help people give to the nonprofits they care about in their own community right here in the Yampa Valley”?  Out of that question, Yampa Valley Gives was born.

So how does YVG work?  Our organization works throughout the year focused on that first Tuesday in December, what we have happily co-opted as Yampa Valley Gives Day – this year on 12.05.17.  Our organization is made up of a completely volunteer board, we have no paid employees or staff.  We work with over 50 nonprofits in both Routt and Moffat counties, and while we are a regional champion of the Colorado Gives program, we operate as a program of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.  We work with dozens of local businesses, asking for their support as our sponsors, to help get the message out about YVG Day.  We raise money for marketing and advertising to raise awareness throughout the year, but especially as we approach December.  And those sponsorship dollars go a long way…in 2016, for every $1 raised in sponsorship, $58 was raised for our local nonprofits!

So how much money is raised on YVG Day?  In the first three years of YVG’s existence, we have helped the residents and visitors of the Yampa Valley raise over $1.6 Million for our local nonprofits, and THAT MONEY STAYS RIGHT HERE in Routt and Moffat counties.  The growth in support from our community has been phenomenal in itself.  In our first year, 2014, we raised $404,927 for local nonprofits.  In 2015 we just crossed the $500,000 line, and last year the final number raised for local nonprofits on YVG Day totaled $766,777!!

So why give on YVG Day?  By donating to your favorite local nonprofit through YVG on the first Tuesday of December (12.05.17) your money is boosted by statewide incentive funds.  Colorado Gives is a program of the Community First Foundation, which partners with 1st Bank to contribute $1,000,000 to this incentive fund.  This $1,000,000 is distributed to nonprofits throughout the state based on how much was raised on Gives Day.  If your favorite nonprofit receives 1% of the total money raised on that day, they receive 1% of the $1,000,000 incentive fund.  Every dollar you give on YVG Day is boosted!

So how do I give?  Go to and click on the “DONATE” button at the top.  Find your favorite nonprofit and click “DONATE”.  You can donate before YVG Day, just select “CO Gives Day” under “Donation Frequency” and your donation will be scheduled for YVG Day so your dollars are boosted by the $1,000,000 incentive fund.

So how can I get involved?  Email – there are always opportunities to help, whether it’s an hour of your time or something more.

Watch for your favorite nonprofits out and about on YVG Day, honk & wave at them, and then please get to a computer and GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE!!

Written by contributing editor and Yampa Valley Gives Board Member – Dan Hughes