2019 Socially-Disadvantaged Group Grant

The purpose of this program is to provide technical assistance to Socially-Disadvantaged Groups in rural areas.

Eligible applicants include Cooperatives, Groups of Cooperatives, and Cooperative Development Centers.

Total Funding:  $3,000.000.

Maximum grant:  $175,000

Application Period:  60 days

Application deadlines:   June 3 for electronic applications

June 7 for paper applications

FY 2019 SDGG Notice – no changes from 2018

Scoring Criteria – Returning applicants can score up to 95 points within the elements of technical assistance, work plan/budget, experience, commitment and local support.  Again this year, new applicants have the option of receiving an extra 1-10 points for a maximum score of 105.  This reflects administrator discretionary points of up to 10 points, which can be awarded to an eligible applicant who has never previously been awarded an SDGG grant, and whose workplan and budget supports one or more of the following five key strategies:

  1. Achieving e-Connectivity for Rural America
  2. Improving Quality of Life
  3. Supporting a Rural Workforce
  4. Harnessing Technological Innovation; and
  5. Economic Development

Satisfactory Performance Eligibility – Applicants must be up-to-date on all financial and performance reports, and current on tasks and timeframes for using grant funds as approved in the work plan and budget. If they have unspent funds on SDGG awards prior to FY2018, their application will not be considered for funding, and if they have 50 percent or more of unspent funds on their FY2018 award at the time their FY2019 application is evaluated, they may not be considered for funding for the FY2019 cycle either.

Duplication of Current Services – Applicants must demonstrate that they are providing services to new customers or new services to current customers.  If their work plan and budget is duplicative of an existing award (previous or existing Rural Cooperative Development Grant and/or Socially-Disadvantaged Group Grant award), their application will not be considered for funding.  Note:  prior award applications will be reviewed to ensure there is no duplication.


The SDGG web page, https://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/socially-disadvantaged-groups-grant will be updated to include the 2019 SDGG Application Template and Checklist.