The Power of a Community Endowment

Meeting needs today and tomorrow

The Community endowment funds are a permanent charitable resource that grows through community support and provides much-needed funding to local nonprofit organizations. When you give to the community endowments, you’re helping to meet the needs of our community today, and for years to come. Your gift supports the Yampa Valley in perpetuity.

There is a real need for a flexible, unrestricted fund to respond quickly to local needs. The Community Endowment Funds are, in effect, a savings account protecting and serving the needs of our region.

YVCF invests and manages the endowment to provide long-term growth and flexibility, to address our community’s most pressing needs. The foundation is rigorous in evaluating the impact of our grantmaking, so donors can be assured that their investments are making a real difference in the lives of all who live in our community.

With the Community Endowment Funds, anyone can be a philanthropist. There is no minimum requirement on gifts. Donations can be made in cash, stock, real estate, through your will or trust, or by clicking on the button below.

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Taking care of community wellness needs.

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation and its fundholders envision a Yampa Valley where all residents enjoy a healthy and rewarding life. Through the Healthy Community Endowment, YVCF can address critical issues in health and human services today and for future generations. During YVCF’s annual Community Grant Cycle, grants are awarded to support organizations that address the health and human needs in the Yampa Valley.


Donate Now for a Healthy Community

Preserving the Yampa Valley.  

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation and its fundholders envision a Yampa Valley with clean air, water and land. By giving to the Environmental Endowment, you help address programs that seek to preserve and improve the Yampa Valley watersheds, habitat and natural resources of our two-county region. Your support aids funding for organizations, people and ideas that are committed to education, outreach and projects that result in environmental awareness and improved quality of life.

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Ensuring Success for future generations.

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation and its fundholders envision a Yampa Valley where education opportunities are abundant, strong and diverse. By giving to the Educational Endowment, you provide funding for organizations that are committed to education, outreach and projects that result in a stronger, brighter and more skilled Yampa Valley. Grant awards support educational opportunities for Yampa Valley area residents, both within the public schools and in the community at large. These grants include educational programs, scholarships, technology and art equipment for classroom activities, and support innovation by teachers.

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Promoting Active Mountain lifestyles.

Recreational Endowment

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation and its fundholders believe recreation and leisure programs provide positive life-enriching experiences that all people should experience. The benefits of parks and recreation create connections to community, environment, economic development, for our families, youth, and individuals. By giving to the Recreational Endowment, you support community grants that ensure that today’s opportunities for parks, recreation and leisure programs will still be available tomorrow for all people, regardless of age, gender, or income.


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Inspiring our Creative Passions.

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation and its fundholders envision a Yampa Valley with a thriving arts scene and diverse cultural offerings that provide enjoyment to residents and visitors. Together, we celebrate our rich history and diversity, bring valuable learning experiences to children and adults, and maintain our strong social fabric.  By giving to the Yampa Valley Arts Endowment, you can invest in the local arts scene and help provide cultural opportunities for all.  


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Do you care about taking care of the greatest need at the time of need? Annually, the Community Foundation reviews the greatest needs in the community and helps support these urgent requests.  A gift to the greatest need will help us serve our community without restriction, forever. Your gift, and all future earnings from your gifts – becomes a permanent source of capital in the Yampa Valley, helping do good work today and in the future.


Donate Now to the Community Grants Endowment

Protecting and Maintaining our Trail System

Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund (TMEF), established at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation, aims to take on the responsibility of maintaining the new trails and existing trails by generating at least $1 million in contributions in the next eight to ten years. Our local trails must be maintained regularly as trees fall, erosion occurs, and repeated use takes its toll. Contributions to the TMEF support an enduring funding source for trail maintenance for non-motorized trails in Routt and Moffat Counties. Together, we can guarantee permanent maintenance for trails in the Yampa Valley.

Donate Now to the Trail Maintenance Endowment

Ensuring Success for Future Generations

The South Routt School District is deeply rooted near the headwaters of the Yampa River and embraces both families that have been here for generations and newcomers alike. Small class sizes and strong community involvement weave a strength of character into each and every student. These students appreciate the one-on-one attention they receive and excel in academics, athletics, FFA, art, music and more. Contributions to the South Routt Education Fund provide for the long-term vitality of this school district.

Donate Now to the South Routt Education Endowment

WHILD – Wildlife Habitat Improvement – Local District

The purpose of the Fund is to provide a permanent endowment to support wildlife habitat improvement projects, including capital projects, planning, research, studies, management, enforcement, education and other wildlife habitat improvement projects, for the public benefit within Routt County.

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