This is a course presented by Dr. Kristen Race ph.D.

Discover the benefits of shaping AND maintaining a happy brain along with easy ways to create mini mindful habits enabling long-term balance on your own time! Learn how to manage distractions, schedule work days for optimal brain states, and maximize efficiency, productivity, and sanity.

This will open with a customized 1-hour in-person presentation by Kristen on:

Friday, September 13th, 8:30 AM- 9:30 AM, at Library Hall

Exclusively delivers for the YVCF Community

~ Recording of the presentation will be available for all those not attending ~

Followed by short video modules delivered directly to your inbox weekly.

  • Starting a Mindfulness Practice
  • Managing States and How to Calm Your Mond on Demand
  • The Hidden Costs of Distraction
  • Scheduling You Day for Efficiency, Productivity, and Sanity
  • Shaping a Happy Brain
  • Mini Mindful Habits and Rituals to Create Balance
  • Wrap Up Seminar

Special YVCF: $75 per person!
Contact Kenny Reisman at / 970 846 5101 to register.